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The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Oct 13, 2010 Volume 11, Number 3


Rory McGreal; Dianne Conrad

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Thanksgiving

    Terry Anderson, Athabasca University

  2. Examining the anatomy of a screencast: Uncovering common elements and instructional strategies

    William Sugar, Abbie Brown & Kenneth Luterbach, East Carolina University

    The researchers engaged in cooperative inquiry in order to explore screencasts as online instructional tools. In total, each researcher analyzed 37 screencasts, which provided over two hours of... More

    pp. 1-20

  3. Development of Interactive and Reflective Learning among Malaysian Online Distant Learners: An ESL Instructor's Experience

    Puvaneswary Murugaiah, The Science University of Malaysia, Malaysia; Siew Ming Thang, The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

    Technology has brought tremendous advancements in online education, spurring transformations in online pedagogical practices. Online learning in the past was passive, using the traditional teacher-... More

    pp. 21-41

  4. A review of trends in distance education scholarship at research universities in North America, 1998-2007

    Randall Davies, Scott Howell & Jo Petrie, Brigham Young University

    This article explores and summarizes trends in research and scholarship over the last decade (i.e., 1998-2007) for students completing dissertations and theses in the area of distance education.... More

    pp. 42-56

  5. Student and faculty perceptions of the quality of online learning experiences

    Michael Ward, Gary Peters & Kyna Shelley, The University of Southern Mississippi

    Some faculty members are reluctant to offer online courses because of significant concerns relative to the impact of such formats on the quality of instruction, learning, and participant... More

    pp. 57-77

  6. Teaching and learning social justice through online service-learning courses

    Kathy Guthrie, Florida State University; Holly McCracken, Capella University

    Creating a virtual classroom in which diverse students feel welcome to discuss and experience topics related to social justice, action, and change is a study in the value of connectedness and... More

    pp. 78-94

  7. The pedagogical enhancement of open education: An examination of problem-based learning

    Seth Gurell, Brigham Young University; Yu-Chun Kuo & Andrew Walker, Utah State University

    Open education, as embodied in open educational resources (OER) and OpenCourseWare (OCW), has met and dealt with several key problems. The movement now has a critical mass of available content.... More

    pp. 95-105

  8. Using collaborative course development to achieve online course quality standards

    Ining Chao, Tami Saj & Doug Hamilton, Royal Roads University

    The issue of quality is becoming front and centre as online distance education moves into the mainstream of higher education. Many believe collaborative course development is the best way to design... More

    pp. 106-126

  9. Online instructional effort measured through the lens of teaching presence in the community of inquiry framework: A re-examination of measures and approach

    Peter Shea, University at Albany, State University of New York; Suzanne Hayes, Empire State College, SUNY; Jason Vickers, University at Albany, SUNY

    With more than 4 million students enrolled in online courses in the US alone (Allen & Seaman, 2010), it is now time to inquire into the nature of instructional effort in online environments.... More

    pp. 127-154