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International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design

July 2012 Volume 2, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Student Diaspora and Learning Style Impact on Group Performance

    Kenneth Strang, State University of New York, USA, and APPC Research, Australia

    The study examined diaspora (team culture) and learning style of 700 international students from 19 countries, enrolled at an accredited Australian university. The research focus was to explore... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Moving to a New Land: A Case Study of Secondary Teachers’ Experience of Online Teaching

    Qing Li, Towson University, United States; Janet Groen, University of Calgary, Canada

    In this paper, the authors seek, through the theoretical framework of situated cognition learning theory, to document and understand the experiences and views of teachers who are in their first... More

    pp. 19-31

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  3. Speech Cueing on the Web by ‘The Little Dude’: Multimedia Instruction for Young Children

    Bruce Mann & Henry Schulz, Memorial University, Canada; Jianping Cui, Bow Valley College, Canada

    There is a real need for studies on learning from multimedia with school-age children, even pre-school children. In this research, temporal speech cueing was proposed to help young children as they... More

    pp. 32-44

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  4. Designing Digital Video to Support Learner Outcomes: A Study in an Online Learning Resource for Healthcare Professionals and Students

    Colla MacDonald, Hugh Kellam, Douglas Archibald & Derek Puddester, University of Ottawa, Canada

    This pragmatic, mixed methods study explored how the design and implementation of digital video resources in an online educational environment affected learning outcomes. Forty-five health... More

    pp. 45-66

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  5. The Effectiveness of Electronic Information Search Practices of Secondary School Students in a Singapore Science Education Context

    Kumar Laxman, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    The Internet is a complex repository containing a huge maze of information from a variety of sources. It has become a common fixture in school nowadays. Whether to use technologies such as the... More

    pp. 67-84

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