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International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

October 2010 Volume 2, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Towards Work-Based Mobile Learning: What We Can Learn from the Fields of Work-Based Learning and Mobile Learning

    Christoph Pimmer, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland; Graham Attwell, University of Warwick, United Kingdom; Norbert Pachler, UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom

    Mobile devices are increasingly being used to support learning in work contexts. In exploring the emerging field of work-based mobile learning (WBML), researchers need to give consideration to the ... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Work-Based Mobile Learning Environments: Contributing to a Socio-Cultural Ecology of Mobile Learning

    Graham Attwell, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

    This paper examines the idea of a Work Oriented Mobile Learning Environment (WOMBLE) and considers the potential affordances of mobile devices for supporting developmental and informal learning in ... More

    pp. 19-28

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  3. Opportunistic (L)earning in the Mobile Knowledge Society

    Ambjörn Naeve, Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, and Stockholm University, Sweden

    This paper discusses the concept of opportunistic collaboration within the emerging mobile knowledge society. The paper illustrates how opportunistic collaboration can be applied to the areas of... More

    pp. 29-46

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  4. Mobile Learning as ’Microlearning’: Conceptual Considerations towards Enhancements of Didactic Thinking

    Theo Hug, University of Innsbruck, Austria

    This paper presents microlearning as a relational cross-over concept in the context of technological, societal, and cultural transformation. It maps the changing but ultimately convergent meanings ... More

    pp. 47-57

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  5. Sustaining Mobile Learning and its Institutions

    John Traxler, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    Mobile learning can be characterised as a specific project within the education system. This paper explores the sustainability of mobile learning in the wider context of the sustainability of that ... More

    pp. 58-65

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