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International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

January 2010 Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Appropriation of Mobile Cultural Resources for Learning

    Norbert Pachler, Institute of Education, United Kingdom; John Cook, London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom; Ben Bachmair, University of Kassel, Germany

    This article proposes appropriation as the key for the recognition of mobile devices — as well as the artefacts accessed through, and produced with them — as cultural resources across different... More

    pp. 1-21

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  2. Unlocking Lifelong Learning Through E-Heritage: Using Mobile Technologies in Genoa

    Krassimira Paskaleva, University of Manchester, United Kingdom; Maurizio Megliola, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany

    Lifelong learning is often associated with the sociology and the economics of education. However, its broader and more holistic context, which includes learning through involvement in cultural... More

    pp. 22-39

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  3. JAMIOLAS 3.0: Supporting Japanese Mimicry and Onomatopoeia Learning Using Sensor Data

    Bin Hou, Hiroaki Ogata, Masayuki Miyata, Mengmeng Li & Yuqin Liu, University of Tokushima, Japan

    In this article, the authors propose an improved context-aware system to support the learning of Japanese mimicry and onomatopoeia (MIO) using sensor data. In the authors’ two previous studies,... More

    pp. 40-54

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  4. A Platform for Actively Supporting e-Learning in Mobile Networks

    Basit Khan & Mihhail Matskin, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

    The ubiquitous availability of wireless networks has opened new possibilities for individuals to learn from each other in open learning spaces like cities. Therefore, the changed learning... More

    pp. 55-79

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