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International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

January 2019 Volume 11, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Student Perceptions of Mobile Video Recording to Learn American Sign Language

    Elaine Gale & Shiao-Chuan Kung, Hunter College, New York, United States

    This article reports an exploratory study of teacher candidate perception of learning, using video recording in an American Sign Language (ASL) class. Video recording for practice and reflection is... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. Efficacy of Cell Phones Within Instructional Design: A Professor's Perspective

    Sharon Storch & Anna Juarez-Paz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, United States

    Through qualitative measures, this article seeks to explore the efficacy of cell phones within college-level instructional design specifically through the eyes of the professor. Three main themes... More

    pp. 12-25

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  3. The Effects of Flipping an English for Academic Purposes Course

    Christopher Hughes, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, United States

    This article addresses the lack of research into the effects of flipping tertiary level English for Academic Purposes courses. An experimental method was used to compare the outcomes and... More

    pp. 26-41

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  4. Factors Necessary for Engaging Preservice Teachers Studying in Virtual and Blended Courses

    Gila Zilka, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv, Israel & Achva Academic College, Arugot, Israel; Orit Zeichner, Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel-Aviv, Israel

    In their encounter with a virtual or blended learning environment, students are liable to perceive the situation as a challenge or as a threat. The physical separation between teacher and students ... More

    pp. 42-57

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  5. Integrating Cooperative Learning into the Combined Blended Learning Design Model: Implications for Students' Intrinsic Motivation

    Chantelle Bosch & Elsa Mentz, Faculty of Education, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa; Gerda Reitsma, Centre for Health Professions Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

    Extensive research has been done on the implementation of cooperative learning (CL) in a face-to-face classroom. However, only a few studies could be found on the implementation of CL in a blended ... More

    pp. 58-73

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