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International Journal of Education and Development using ICT

Aug 17, 2016 Volume 12, Number 2


Stewart Marshall; Wal Taylor

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Number of articles: 14

  1. Virtual educational model for remote communities in Chocó, Colombia

    Oscar Buitrango Sanabria, Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga, Colombia; María Pintor Chavez & Marcela Gómez Zermeño, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

    This research seeks to propose an analysis and solution to support classroom-based teaching in Colombia in the Department of Chocó, which is located in a rural area and has been subject of many... More

  2. Raising awareness and promoting informal learning on World Heritage in Southern Africa: The case of WHACY, a gamified ICT-enhanced tool

    Asta Adukaite & Lorenzo Cantoni, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

    Diffusion of digital games and the trend of gamification in various fields have increased scholars’ attention on how digital games or their elements can be introduced into formal and informal... More

  3. Identifying Ghanaian pre-service teachers’ readiness for computer use: A Technology Acceptance Model approach.

    Stephen Adu Gyamfi, University of Lincoln, UK, United Kingdom

    This study extends the technology acceptance model to identify factors that influence technology acceptance among pre-service teachers in Ghana. Data from 380 usable questionnaires were tested... More

  4. Teachers' perceptions on the effectiveness of using Arabic language teaching software in Omani basic education

    Fatma Al-Busaidi, Abdullah Al Hashmi, Ali Al Musawi & Ali Kazem, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    This study is part of a 3-year strategic research project that aimed to assess the effectiveness of the design and use of new software for learning Arabic language. However, the focus of the... More

  5. Instructor support services: An inevitable critical success factor in blended learning in higher education in Tanzania

    Christina Raphael & Joel Mtebe, Dr

    The adoption of blended learning to widen access, reduce cost, and improve the quality of education is becoming prevalent in higher education in sub-Saharan Africa and Tanzania in particular.... More

  6. Analysis of the implementation of a Webquest for learning English in a secondary school in Spain

    Maria Renau & Marta Pesudo, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain

    In this technological era we live in, the educative scenario is changing rapidly and significantly due to the incorporation of the Internet. Therefore, education should pay special attention to... More

  7. Designing online conferences to promote professional development in Africa

    Tony Carr, University of Cape Town, South Africa and University of Oslo, Norway

    Online conferences have become an increasingly well accepted mode of delivery and interaction for professional development processes. This is partly driven by changing online conference designs,... More

  8. 2015 Global Information Technology Report: Consequences on knowledge management in higher education institutions in Nigeria

    Nwachukwu Ololube, University of Education, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria., Nigeria; Comfort Agbor, Department of Environmental Education, Faculty of Education, University of Calab; Nanighe Major, Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, Niger Delta Univers; Chinyere Agabi & Worlu Wali, Department of Educational Foundations and Management Faculty of Education, Ignat

    This research is a continuation of a theoretical review that evaluated ICT Policy Outcomes for National Development in relation to Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and the impact it has on knowledge... More

  9. Usability assessment of educational software by students: Case of Ọpón-Ìmọ̀ in Osun State, Nigeria

    Olawale Tijani, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

    This study investigated usability of educational software: case of Ọpón-Ìmọ̀ in Osun state, Nigeria. Specifically, the study investigated influences of gender and school locations on... More

  10. Promoting pro-environmental printing behavior: The role of ICT barriers and sustainable values

    Javed Suleri & Elena Cavagnaro, Stenden University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

    This study aims to explore how to reduce printing at elementary schools through strengthening both the effective use of ICT and pro-environmental values. Literature review is presented in themes â€... More

  11. Benefits and challenges of introducing a blended project-based approach in higher education: Experiences from a Kenyan university

    Myriam Munezero, University of Eastern Finland; Balozi Bekuta, University of Eldoret

    This article investigates a blended project-based approach that was introduced to forestry and ICT undergraduates as an extracurricular activity at the University of Eldoret, Kenya. The approach... More

  12. Technology-enhanced learning in sports education using clickers: Satisfaction, performance and immediacy

    Vaso Constantinou & Andri Ioannou, Cyprus University of Technology

    The article addresses ICT in Education by describing an empirical investigation of technology-enhanced sports education. The study examines the use of clickers by 162 Judo athletes during seminars ... More

  13. ICT for professional and personal development

    Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies, West Indies, Barbados; Wal Taylor,

  14. Volume 12, Issue 2: Front Pages

    Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies, West Indies, Barbados