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International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching

October 2011 Volume 1, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Teachers Acquisition of CALL Expertise

    Steven Sharp, University of Maryland, College Park, United States

    Research indicates that teachers need preparation in classroom based technology use, but teacher education programs do not prepare them. Nevertheless some teachers are effective with technology in ... More

    pp. 1-16

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  2. Developing Intercultural Awareness and Language Speaking Proficiency for Foreign Language Learners through Cross–Cultural Voicemail Exchange

    Amber Wang, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan; Wan-Jeng Chang, The Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan

    To expand global and intercultural communication, the effectiveness of asynchronous online communication devices, especially email, have been discussed in the area of foreign language teaching. A... More

    pp. 17-32

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  3. “You’re a Winner”: An Exploratory Study of the Influence of Exposure on Teachers’ Awareness of Media Literacy

    J. Egbert, Washington State University - Pullman, United States; Leslie Huff, Saint Martin’s University, United States

    Pre-service teachers who use the Internet both for course preparation and student resources need to be aware of and also help their future students understand the influences under which the... More

    pp. 33-48

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  4. A Review of CALL and L2 Reading: Glossing for Comprehension and Acquisition

    Lance Askildson, University of Notre Dame, United States

    This paper provides a comprehensive review of the present state of second language reading research and computer-assisted glossing for reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Although... More

    pp. 49-58

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  5. Developing Business CAT Teaching System and Course for Chinese Universities

    Lifei Wang & Jianling Wan, University of International Business and Economics, China

    This paper proposes that business CAT be introduced as the reform of a course in Chinese universities. Firstly, the authors describe the conceptual framework and design of business CAT course and... More

    pp. 59-68

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