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International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology

January 2014 Volume 5, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Dialogue Journals and Transformational Learning: Latino Students and Their Professor “Talk-back” to Each Other

    Yolanda Nieves, Wilbur Wright College, Chicago, IL, United States

    This article explores how dialogue journals can lead to a transformative learning experience. Adult Latino students enrolled in a community college developmental reading class agree to speak truth ... More

    pp. 1-14

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  2. Re-Seeing in the Mirror of Creative Critical Reflection: Unifying the Identity through the Transformative in the Vocational Classroom

    Laurence Cohen, Independent Educator, Tucson, AZ, United States

    This essay examines the practical application of transformative education in a vocational classroom where students learn how to write a resume. The construction of a new resume in this classroom... More

    pp. 15-22

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  3. Transformative Vocational Education: Bridging Transitions of Underserved Urban Adult Learners

    Anthony Adkisson & Catherine Monaghan, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, United States

    How our culture thinks about particular events as linear, normal, and expected does not always fit with the experiences of every learner, particularly underserved urban adult learners. As adult... More

    pp. 23-34

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  4. The Paradox of Transformative Learning Among Mid-Career Professionals

    Niels Agger-Gupta & Catherine Etmanski, Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada

    Royal Roads University (RRU) is a special purpose university in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1995, this university has focused primarily on multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary graduate... More

    pp. 35-47

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  5. Perceived Best Practices for Faculty Training in Distance Education

    Michael McVey, Penn State University Harrisburg, Middletown, PA, United States

    Student learning style differences have been widely researched in both traditional face-to-face and online learning environments (Irani, Scherler & Harrington, 2003;Steinbronn, 2007; Williamson &... More

    pp. 48-56

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  6. Transformative Learning: Immigrant Learners Who Participated in Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

    Leah Moss & Andy Brown, Champlain College Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada

    Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) as it is known in Quebec, Canada or Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), requires a learner to engage in retrospective thought about their learning path,... More

    pp. 57-66

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