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International Communication Association Annual Meeting

May 1995

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. Implications of Electronic Newspapers for Public Relations Teaching, Practice, and Research

    Patricia A. Curtin & Glen T. Cameron

    Electronic newspapers offer a new media channel for public relations materials, but a study of their proposed use and implications for the profession does not fit well into already established... More

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  2. Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Basic Public Speaking Course: Issues of Development and Implementation

    David Vest & Ron Tajchman

    A study explained the manner in which a computer-assisted tutorial was built and assessed the utility of the courseware. The tutorial was designed to demonstrate the efficacy of good organization... More

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  3. Distance Education as Communication Process: Transmission vs. Dialogue in Higher Education

    Christopher Richter

    This paper presents a communication perspective on the areas of definition, philosophy, pedagogy, and evaluation in distance education. Much of the debate in these areas centers around concern with... More

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