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European Journal of Engineering Education

1986 Volume 11, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. CAD, a Tool for Design and Design Education

    Aad Bremer

    Discusses the need to describe the profile of the engineer of the future. Calls for educational programs to better prepare engineers. Provides examples of current efforts in computer-assisted... More

    pp. 93-105

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  2. Education and Training Packages for CAD/CAM

    I C. Wright

    Discusses educational efforts in the fields of Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Describes two educational training initiatives underway in the United Kingdom, one of which is a... More

    pp. 107-14

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  3. CAE: A Tool for the Engineer--A Dilemma for the Academic

    Ray McCafferty

    Discusses the impact of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) on traditional engineering teaching philosophy and methodology. Describes a new instructional approach based on CAE. Includes selected... More

    pp. 115-26

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  4. Computer Aided Design in Engineering Education

    R Gobin

    Discusses the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems in an undergraduate engineering education program. Provides a rationale for CAD/CAM use in the... More

    pp. 127-34

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  5. Strategies and Principles for the Creation of Software in CAI

    Francois Robert

    Presents examples of didactic computer software developed in a college of engineering, along with a discussion of pedagogical and systems considerations. Discusses the use of the computer in... More

    pp. 135-46

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  6. L'EAO: Formation Initiale--Formation Continue

    Raymond Riviere

    Discusses two audiences for whom classical teaching and training courses are intended. Provides an analysis of these audiences with regard to the use and relevance of Computer Assisted Education ... More

    pp. 147-59

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  7. Mathematics and Computers for Teaching Engineering

    Purificacion Gonzales Sancho

    Discusses the present status of mathematics teaching for engineering students in Spain. Stresses the importance of mathematics (particularly numerical analysis) and computers to engineers in the... More

    pp. 161-64

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  8. Simulation as a Tool for the Analysis and Design of Systems

    Reuven R. Levary

    Discusses the use of simulations to study complex real-life systems in engineering. Describes some of the limitations of using simulations. Identifies some situations in which computer simulations ... More

    pp. 165-76

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  9. The Mathematics Laboratory in Engineering Studies

    Jose Fco. Carballido Quesada

    Discusses the need for mathematics laboratories to supplement classroom instruction in mathematics for engineering students. Provides a description of such a laboratory, including a listing of... More

    pp. 187-90

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  10. Evolution of a Low Cost Control Engineering Laboratory

    El-Hosseiny Taha El-Shirbeeny

    Presents an approach for building an inexpensive control engineering laboratory to support control courses in an undergraduate engineering program. Outlines the use of simple amplifier circuits and... More

    pp. 199-204

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