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Journal of Learning for Development

2018 Volume 5, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Distance Education Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Patrícia Lupion Torres & Claudio Rama

    Distance higher education has only relatively recently been established in some Latin American countries, as part of wider higher education reforms. The developments of distance education have been... More

    pp. 5-12

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  2. Informal Lifelong Learning for Development in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study from the Margins into the Mainstream

    Carol Kidu

    This article traces the impact of the Ginigoada Foundation on the educational development of thousands of children and adults in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New... More

    pp. 13-21

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  3. Student Perceptions of the Creation and Reuse of Digital Educational Resources in a Community Development-Oriented Organisation

    Michael Paskevicius & Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams

    This case study explores students' perceptions of the creation and reuse of digital teaching and learning resources in their work as tutors as part of a volunteer community development organisation... More

    pp. 22-39

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  4. From Policies to Implementation of Open Distance Learning in Rwanda: A Genealogical and Governmentality Analysis

    Evode Mukama

    The purpose of this paper is to analyse the interplay between policy formulation and implementation in terms of the historical practices of open distance learning (ODL) in Rwanda. This paper draws ... More

    pp. 40-56

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  5. Sustaining and Scaling Up Pedagogic Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Grounded Insights for Teacher Professional Development

    Bjoern Hassler, Sara Hennessy & Riikka Hofmann

    Developing sustainable and scalable educational initiatives is a key challenge in low-income countries where donor-funded short-term projects are limited by both contextual factors and programme... More

    pp. 58-78

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