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2017 Volume 25, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Comparing the Efficacy of Digital Flashcards versus Paper Flashcards to Improve Receptive and Productive L2 Vocabulary

    Gilbert Dizon & Daniel Tang

    Several researchers have compared the efficacy of digital flashcards (DFs) versus paper flashcards (PFs) to improve L2 vocabulary and have concluded that using DFs is more effective (Azabdaftari ... More

    pp. 3-15

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  2. A Freely-Available Authoring System for Browser-Based CALL with Speech Recognition

    Myles O'Brien

    A system for authoring browser-based CALL material incorporating Google speech recognition has been developed and made freely available for download. The system provides a teacher with a simple way... More

    pp. 16-25

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  3. Using Facebook to Improve L2 German Students' Socio-Pragmatic Skills

    Axel Harting

    This study explores ways of using Facebook as a tool to improve the pragmatic competence of students of German as a foreign language in Japan. Nine students of a textbook-based German class (CFER... More

    pp. 26-35

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  4. Testing Audiovisual Comprehension Tasks with Questions Embedded in Videos as Subtitles: A Pilot Multimethod Study

    Juan Carlos Casañ Núñez

    Listening, watching, reading and writing simultaneously in a foreign language is very complex. This paper is part of wider research which explores the use of audiovisual comprehension questions... More

    pp. 36-60

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  5. Profiling Language Learners in Hybrid Learning Contexts: Learners' Perceptions

    Pekka Lintunen, Maarit Mutta & Sanna Pelttari

    This article discusses formal and informal foreign language learning before university level. The focus is on beginning university students' perceptions of their earlier learning experiences,... More

    pp. 61-75

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  6. The Perceptions of a Situated Learning Experience Mediated by Novice Teachers' Autonomy

    Paul Booth, Isabelle Guinmard & Elizabeth Lloyd

    With the development of online language learning comes a growing need for courses in language teaching to incorporate educational technologies into course content. The challenge this development... More

    pp. 76-91

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