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Education for Information

1987 Volume 5, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Looking towards the Future: An Overview

    Peter Havard-Williams

    This discussion of current and future trends in library and information science education focuses on curriculum design and development. Highlights include the influence of information technology,... More

    pp. 91-104

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  2. What the Consumer Looks For

    F W. Ratcliffe

    This review of the position of information, the use of information technology, and the needs of librarians, is based on the report of the Transbinary Group on Librarianship and Information Studies ... More

    pp. 105-14

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  3. Needs and Gaps in the Training of Information Specialists

    H-R Simon

    Explores the relationship between technological change in the library and information field, courses of study offered by universities, and courses requested by students for continuing education in ... More

    pp. 115-28

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  4. Education and Training in the Information Fields--The Curriculum and Research

    Stephen A. Roberts

    Explores the relationship between research and teaching in higher education, focusing on library and information science education in the United Kingdom. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are... More

    pp. 157-68

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  5. Recent German Educational Trends in the Information and Documentation Field: Integrating Subject Fields into Information Science Programmes

    Thomas Seeger

    Describes curriculum development in West German information science programs that integrates subject specialty knowledge with information science and technology. An overview of the West German... More

    pp. 169-75

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  6. The "BID" Model Test of the Polytechnic of Hanover: Principles, Structure, Solutions and Problems of New Studies in the Field of Librarianship, Information and Documentation

    Gunter Bock

    This discussion of the development of new degree programs in West Germany in the fields of librarianship, information, and documentation (LID) focuses on a pilot project sponsored by the government... More

    pp. 177-86

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  7. Educating the Public Librarian, Educating the Special Librarian--Is There a Common Future?

    Winfried Godert

    Discusses education of special librarians and public librarians in West Germany and presents a model of an integrated course of study at the Hamburg College of Librarianship. Highlights include the... More

    pp. 187-97

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  8. Colloquium on the Harmonization of Education and Training Programmes for Library, Information and Archival Personnel

    Russell Bowden

    Discusses past achievements and future plans of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and other international organizations, such as UNESCO, that are concerned with library... More

    pp. 207-33

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