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ED-MEDIA 2009--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications

Jun 22, 2009


George Siemens; Catherine Fulford

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  1. Developing an International Blended Learning Program: Cultural Lessons Learned

    Lisa Oliver & Ravisha Mathur, San Jose State University, United States

    This paper will focus on the cultural attitudes encountered during the establishment of a joint Masters program in Instructional Technology between a North American University (NAU) and a Central... More

    p. 434

  2. Tertiary students' changing access to technology: Some New Zealand observations

    Keryn Pratt, University of Otago, New Zealand

    Tertiary students increasingly have access to their own technology in addition to that provided by the institution. This paper reports findings from five surveys conducted over the last decade at... More

    pp. 435-440

  3. Using authentic blended learning environment in primary music education

    Deirdre Russell-Bowie, University of Western Sydney, Australia

    Abstract: The history of the paucity of music education in both state schools and teacher education institutions and the lack of confidence and competence of preservice and inservice teachers is... More

    pp. 441-446

  4. Development of a framework for e-alumni program with SNS

    Hiroshi Sano, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

    In Japan, there has been some argument that many of academic programs today are often inadequate from the viewpoint of practical education. However, it is difficult for universities to secure... More

    pp. 447-451

  5. From the Classroom to the Internet: A Multifaceted Exploration of Developmental Issues with Technology in Online Teaching and Learning at a Major United States University

    Steven W. Schmidt, Kylie Dotson-Blake & J. Scott Glass, East Carolina University, United States

    In today’s educational environment, online learning is changing traditional higher education in multiple ways. There has been an increase in the number of online universities, both nationally and... More

    pp. 452-456

  6. The Classroom Environment: Online versus In-Class

    Manish Sehgal, University of Victoria, Canada; J Malkeet Singh, University of Hawaii, United States

    This study describes the classroom environment of an online and in-class statistics class. A questionnaire was administered to a sample of 48 students from both classes. The students were asked to ... More

    p. 457

  7. Experiences with Extreme Programming

    Linda Sherrell, Bhagavathy Krishna & Natasha Velaga, The University of Memphis, United States

    Abstract: Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular among software developers as evidenced by industrial participation at conferences devoted to this topic (e.g., Agile Alliance 2008,... More

    pp. 458-467

  8. An Effective Application of HDTV-based Videoconference System for Inservice Teachers' Lesson Study in A Graduate School of Education

    Nozomi Shimada, Mitsunori Yatsuka & Yoshinori Higashibara, Shinshu University, Japan

    Graduate school of education at Shinshu University is one of the grantees of “Support Program for Improving Graduate School of Education” funded by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,... More

    pp. 468-473

  9. A reflective analysis of student self-directed eLearning at the University of the Western Cape

    Mziwoxolo Mayedwa, Juliet Stoltenkamp & Okasute Kasuto, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

    The University of the Western Cape realises that no institution can be more competitive and be able to deliver access and support services to a diverse and greater number of learners while ignoring... More

    pp. 474-486

  10. Converting a Paper Portfolio to an ePortfolio -Developing a Model for Teacher Candidate Assessment

    Yuzhu Teng, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, United States; Carol Rasowsky & Dana Abbott, The College of Saint Rose, United States

    This paper aims to present a project that integrates electronic portfolios in the teacher education program at a private, liberal arts college in Northeast of the United States. The presenters will... More

    p. 487

  11. Designing Technology for a New Academic Building

    Robert Terrell & Jason Caudill, Carson-Newman College, United States

    Abstract: The construction of a new academic building is often cause for excitement, and concern, for everyone involved in the process. From the perspective of a technologist, the design of a new ... More

    pp. 488-492

  12. Knowledge Diffusion in eLearning: Learner Attributes and Capabilities in an Organisation

    Keith Thomas, Paul Lam & Annisa Ho, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Successful knowledge transfer or diffusion of eLearning practices goes beyond precursor incentives and anticipated rewards. It also involves facilitating learning and cultural attributes, as well... More

    pp. 493-497

  13. A Case For Techology-mediated Learning: Method Versus Performance

    Najim Ussiph, University of Salford, Salford. UK, United Kingdom

    Computer-Assisted-Learning, a technology-mediated learning approach was used to deliver intensive tutorial module to groups of JHS students at different performance levels to determine performance ... More

    pp. 498-508

  14. Using Digital Storytelling as a Methodology for the Introduction of Socially Responsible Graphic Design in a University Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design Programme

    Nicholas Vanderschantz, University of Waikato, New Zealand

    This paper case studies the pedagogical methodology for a digital storytelling project involving final semester Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design students and students from a community based... More

    pp. 509-516

  15. Distance Course Design & Consulting Group (DCDC): Online Course Development in Higher Education

    Melissa Venable, Paul McKimmy, Eddie Gose, Nathan Hutchinson, Elizabeth Lavolette, Peng-hsu (Eric) Huang, Patrick Nakamura, Kimble McCann, Rebecca Meeder & Evelyn Pusal, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

    The Distance Course Design and Consulting Group (DCDC) was established at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in January 2008 through a federal grant. Staffed by a small but diverse team, the DCDC is... More

    pp. 517-522

  16. Alternative Futures: Towards Discovering a Preferred University in an Unpredictable World

    Lisa Waters, Alternative Campus of the Futures Research Group, United States

    For some time now most universities have been playing homage to the traditional ways of doing academic business. They construct and expand physical or virtual campuses pronouncing, “if you build it... More

    pp. 523-528

  17. A Longitudinal Study of the Effectiveness of Teaching Introductory Computer Programming Online

    Laura White, John Coffey & Eman El-Sheikh, University of West Florida, United States

    This paper describes a longitudinal study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of online delivery of an introductory programming course at a public regional comprehensive university. This study ... More

    pp. 529-536

  18. Investigating the Implementation of Web-based Portfolio in Teacher Education on Campus: A Case Study

    Yu-Feng Wu, Jeffrey Bauer, James Gall & Jung-Hsuan Hsu, University of Northern Colorado, United States

    Implementing information technology into education is one of the world wide trends for students, teachers and administrators (Bitter & Pierson, 2005). In addition, a web-based multimedia platform... More

    pp. 537-541

  19. Reviewing Traces of Virtual Campuses: Looking for Critical Success Factors

    Theo Bastiaens, Fernuniversität in Hagen, Germany; Paul Bacsich, Matic- Media, United Kingdom; Sally Reynolds, ATIT, Belgium; Bieke Schreurs & Ilse Op de beeck, Europace, Belgium

    The paper describes the concepts of Virtual Campus and Virtual Mobility and refers to several past and present projects and initiatives in the field. Through these previous experiences, a shift of ... More

    pp. 542-549

  20. Individualized high performance and Internet-distributed courses applied to security information engineering courses in High Education

    Gabriel Diaz, Catalina Martinez-mediano, Sergio Martin, Rosario Gil, Elio Sancristobal & Miguel Rodriguez-Artacho, UNED, Spain; Eugenio Lopez, Niedax, Spain; Nevena Mileva, Plovdiv University, Bulgaria; Alfonso Duran, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain; Manuel Castro, UNED, Spain

    Following the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration for an European Space for Higher Education we have developed a new kind of distance education, task-oriented performance-centred courses being... More

    pp. 550-558