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California State University Northridge Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities

Jul 13, 1998

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Number of papers: 4

  1. The Power of the Internet: Training Speech Pathology Assistants on Indian Reservations

    William R. Culbertson & Dennis C. Tanner

    This paper describes a pilot project to train rural native American paraprofessional personnel to deliver routine speech-language services to children under the overall supervision of a certified... More

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  2. Creating Structured Collaboration in Implementing Assistive Technologies in a Community College Setting: Library Access, A Case Study

    Marcia Norris & Laurie Vasquez

    This paper discusses the role of libraries as the hub of information literacy in college and the need for professional collaboration to ensure library access for students with disabilities at... More

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  3. "That Was Me!": Applications of the Soundbeam MIDI Controller as a Key to Creative Communication, Learning, Independence and Joy

    Tim Swingler

    This paper describes the "Soundbeam MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Controller," which allows even those students who have severe physical disabilities to create interesting aural and... More

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  4. Teaching Language Concepts to Multihandicapped Deaf Students

    Marilyn Brasch & Pam Boespflug

    This brief paper offers suggestions for parents and teachers working together to develop meaningful communication skills in deaf multihandicapped children. An intervention program developed by Jan ... More

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