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Number of papers: 3

  1. Hidden Uses of Presentation Software--The Ideal Tool for Making Customized Materials for Special Needs Students and Clients

    Deborah Gilden

    This paper discusses how presentation software can be used to design custom materials for a variety of people with special needs, including children and adults with low vision, people with... More

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  2. Teaching Mathematics to Students with Physical Disabilities Using the World Wide Web: The Planemath Program

    Lewis E. Kraus

    This paper describes a three-year project that has created on-line lessons and activities on math and aeronautics aimed at improving the education and aeronautics-related career options for... More

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  3. Amazing "Speaking Dynamically" Tools Utilized in High School Special Education Classroom

    Deann A. Robinson & Gerald V. Attix

    This paper describes how Alameda High School in California is using the Speaking Dynamically Pro v2.0 software by Mayer-Johnson to help 13 special education students (ages 14-18) communicate and... More

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