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Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie

Feb 15, 2003 Volume 29, Number 1


Heather Kanuka; Liam Rourke

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. The Development of Media Literacy among Grade Five Teachers and Students - A Case Study

    Rachel McCabe, Winston Emery & Winston Emery

    This is the first of two articles about a study of the implementation of a media literacy curriculum project in three inner city school Grade 5's in Montreal. The authors describe what the teachers... More

  2. Towards a Cyber-Constructivist Perspective (CCP) of Educational Design

    Rocci Luppicini & Rocci Luppicini

    This theoretical paper utilizes cybernetic-based approaches (Bopry, 1999; Wiener, 1954) and communications theory (Habermas, 1984,1990; Krippendorff, 1994) to advance knowledge of constructivist... More

  3. Human-Computer Interaction: A Review of the Research on its Affective and Social Aspects

    Colette Deaudelin, Marc Dussault, Monique Brodeur & Monique Brodeur

    Prevailing research influenced by cognitive psychology has dealt mainly with the cognitive aspects of the human-computer interaction (HCI). The advent of computers in schools should prompt... More

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  4. Seeking Information for School Purposes on the Internet

    Holly Gunn, Gary Hepburn & Gary Hepburn

    This paper reports the findings of a study undertaken in four Nova Scotia public schools of twelfth grade students' information seeking strategies when they use the Internet as an information... More

  5. Étude du changement découlant de l’intégration des technologies de l’information et de la communication dans une école secondaire de l’Ontario

    Martine Leclerc & Martine Leclerc

    This case study, which provides an interim report of the research conducted, describes the changes experienced by teachers after participating for three months in a project to integrate information... More

  6. Taking CJLT / RCAT Online

    Rick Kenny & Rick Kenny

  7. No Place to Learn: Why Universities Aren't Working, 2002. Tom Pocklington and Allan Tupper. Vancouver: UBC Press. 220 pages. ISBN: 0774808780

    Terry Anderson, Katherine McManus & Katherine McManus

  8. The Student Experience of Distance Education: Reviews of two qualitative theses designed to explore the day-to-day experience of learners studying online.

    Shelley Kinash, Susan Crichton & Susan Crichton

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