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CEFP Journal

1986 Volume 3, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Authoring Systems for Courseware Development: What Should Beginners Look For?

    Carol Chapelle & Joan Jamison

    Introduces courseware authoring systems, which are defined as software devised for an instructional environment that simplifies courseware development. The process of courseware authoring consists ... More

    pp. 14-19

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  2. Producing Foreign Language Study Materials on the Xerox STAR

    John B. Ratliff

    Describes how the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department has used the Xerox STAR Multilingual computer/word processing system to produce innovative language study materials for 40... More

    pp. 21-24

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  3. The Duke Language Toolkit: Foreign Alphabets for the IBM PC

    Jeffery William Gillette

    Reports on the progress of the Duke Language Toolkit, a collection of programs formulated to provide foreign alphabet capabilities on the IBM PC. The Toolkit itself, the interface of the Toolkit to... More

    pp. 34-36

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  4. CALL with Audio Output

    John Collett

    The need to include an audio component in computer-assisted instruction in French is discussed and an attempted solution is described in terms of a suite of programs designed to facilitate the... More

    pp. 37-41

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  5. Computers and Composition in Hawaii

    T Edward Harvey

    Discusses two computer programs designed for third-year university-level Spanish composition classes. The programs are based on the process model of composing and consist of pre-writing, writing,... More

    pp. 42-45

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