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Computers in Human Services

1985 Volume 1, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Factors in Clinicians' Resistance to Automation in Mental Health

    Allen L. Hammer & Matthew G. Hile

    Reviews recent literature on resistance to automation by professionals in mental health. The variables identified as important factors in resistance are organized into structural variables (at the ... More

    pp. 1-25

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  2. Designing Information Systems for Hospital Social Work Management

    Mary D. Romano

    Identifies five critical decisions and the component factors needed for their resolution when considering computerization: 1) manual versus computer information systems; 2) mainframe versus... More

    pp. 47-58

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  3. Computer Use in Psychometric Assessment: Evaluating Benefits and Potential Problems

    Kenneth W. Merrell

    The expansion of computer technology has created many possiblities for computer applications in the area of psychological testing and assessment. The ways that computers can be used in psychometric... More

    pp. 59-67

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  4. Computer-Assisted Psychological Assessment

    Ronald R. Hart & Michael A. Goldstein

    Compared the impact of computer-assisted psychological assessment on respondents to traditional psychometric administration procedure. Findings indicated no difference between administration... More

    pp. 69-75

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