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British Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 10, 2014 Volume 45, Number 1


Carina Girvan; Sara Hennessy; Manolis Mavrikis; Sara Price; Niall Winters

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Reviews

    John Cowan, Edinburgh Napier University

    The writers set out to provide “an informed overview of the key issues pertaining to technology and education”. The text is more an overview than the “essential reading for busy teachers and... More

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  2. Does segmenting principle counteract modality principle in instructional animation?

    Jongpil Cheon, Steven Crooks & Sungwon Chung

    This study investigated the segmenting and modality principles in instructional animation. Two segmentation conditions (active pause vs. passive pause) were presented in combination with two... More

    pp. 56-64

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  3. Critical success factors for transforming pedagogy with mobile

    Thomas Donald Cochrane

    Mobile learning (mlearning) research has in general been characterised by short-term comparative pilot studies with little high-level critique or theory formation. Consequently, there is limited... More

    pp. 65-82

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  4. A longitudinal investigation of the impact of faculty reflective practices on students' evaluations of teaching

    Tiffany M. Winchester & Maxwell K. Winchester

    Though there have been many studies conducted that emphasise faculty reflection as a crucial feature of professional practice, there appears to have been little empirical evidence to support the... More

    pp. 112-124

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