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British Journal of Educational Technology

1986 Volume 17, Number 2


Carina Girvan; Sara Hennessy; Manolis Mavrikis; Sara Price; Niall Winters

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. A Practical Introduction to Authoring for Computer-Assisted Instruction: Part 6: Interactive Video

    Philip Barker

    Discusses types of sound-production equipment used for realization of interactive audio within computer assisted instruction (CAI) environments (speech synthesis systems, and speech/sound-recording... More

    pp. 110-28

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  2. Improving the Readability of Text with Automatic Phrase-Sensitive Formating

    Steven M. Jandreau

    Describes two experiments which demonstrate improvement in reading speed as a result of an uncomplicated BASIC computer program which automatically assigns phrase structure to grammatical sentences... More

    pp. 128-33

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  3. Computers and Children of Primary School Age: Issues and Questions

    Gerda Siann & Hamish Macleod

    Results of a study of disadvantaged primary school children which focused on effects of exposure to Logo, microcomputer social interaction, and children's expressed interest in computers, are... More

    pp. 133-44

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