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ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference


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Number of papers: 6

  1. Whose technology enables learning through discussions? The "shoutboard": A new design for asynchronous discussions

    Rozz Albon & Lina Pelliccione, Curtin University of Technology

    The literature confirms that learning occurs through discussions. However, the question of ‘how’ discussions are conducted in an online environment continues to challenge educators.... More

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  2. Spatial imaginings: Learning and identity in online environments

    Reem Al-Mahmood, The University of Melbourne

    “I have been thinking about space for a long time” are Doreen Massey’s (2005, p.3) words that have captured my imagination to explore online learning spaces and places as... More

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  3. E-learning: Do our students want it and do we care?

    Leonie Arthur, Bronwyn Beecher, Roslyn Elliott & Linda Newman, University of Western Sydney

    Early childhood courses at the University of Western Sydney are at a watershed. Program restructuring has embraced the challenges of the changing contexts of Australian early childhood education... More

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  4. Audience response systems in practice: Improving Hong Kong students' understanding of decision support systems

    David A. Banks & Ann Monday, University of South Australia

    There will almost always be a number of students who are reluctant to actively contribute in face-to-face learning situations because they are shy or are culturally concerned about potential loss ... More

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  5. Collaboration for inter-cultural e-learning: A Sino-UK case study

    Sheena Banks

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  6. Recorded lectures: Looking to the future

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