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Annual Review of Information Science and Technology

1991 Volume 26, Number

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Cognitive Research in Information Science: Implications for Design

    Bryce L. Allen

    Reviews cognitive research and the design of information systems based on cognitive research that has appeared in the information science literature since 1985 and that is primarily user oriented. ... More

    pp. 3-37

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  2. Information Technology Standards

    Michael B. Spring

    Discusses the research on standards and standardization in information technology, including computation, telecommunications, and information management. Organizations that develop standards are... More

    pp. 79-111

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  3. Expert Systems as Information Intermediaries

    Hilary Drenth

    Examines how the use of expert systems has been applied to model the performance of an online search intermediary. Types of knowledge representation used in expert systems are reviewed, the role of... More

    pp. 113-54

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  4. The Human-Computer Interface for Information Retrieval

    Debora Shaw

    Discusses the human-computer interface as it relates to information technology and retrieval. Principles of interface design are examined, including visual display features and help messages;... More

    pp. 155-95

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  5. Optical Disc Technology for Information Management

    Eugenia K. Brumm

    This summary of the literature on document image processing from 1988-90 focuses on WORM (write once read many) technology and on rewritable (i.e., erasable) optical discs, and excludes CD-ROM.... More

    pp. 197-240

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  6. Information Technology and Services in Schools

    Michael B. Eisenberg & Kathleen L. Spitzer

    Reviews the development of information technology in elementary and secondary schools and in school library media programs. Instructional and administrative uses are examined; information services ... More

    pp. 243-85

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  7. Information Systems, Services, and Technology for the Humanities

    Helen R. Tibbo

    Examines the literature from 1981-90 concerning information technologies for the humanities. Topics discussed include the humanist's relationship to technology; information seeking behavior;... More

    pp. 287-346

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