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Asia Literacy Regional Forum

May 1997

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Number of papers: 3

  1. Use (and Misuse) of Technology in Distance Education

    Ma Cristina D. Padolina

    First-generation Distance Education (DE) was characterized by the use of a single technology (correspondence instruction) and lack of direct interaction between students and teachers. In second... More

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  2. Linking Literacy to Education through Open and Distance Education

    Marmar Mukhopadhyay

    The National Literacy Mission Authority has begun pilot testing an innovative open distance education program for newly literate individuals in 20 districts of India. Using open and distance... More

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  3. The Academe in the Promotion of Adult Literacy

    Perla E. Legaspi

    The delivery of literacy services by state universities in the Philippines is embedded in their academic functions of instruction/teaching, research and development, consultancy, and extension... More

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