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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 1993 Volume 9, Number 2


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Navigation and learning style.

    Gwyn Brickell

    "I've heard and forgotten.
    I've seen and remembered.
    I've done and understood."

    (old Chinese proverb) More

    pp. 103-114

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  2. Simulating algal bloom in a lake: An interactive multimedia implementation

    Robert Corderoy, Barry Harper & John Hedberg

    Many of the software packages presently marketed as simulations are in fact little more than 'pre-set', limited models of the 'real world' systems they are designed to emulate. There is little... More

    pp. 115-129

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  3. A process approach to the transfer of training. Part 1: The impact of motivation and supervisor support on transfer maintenance.

    Marguerite Foxon

    The on the job application of skills and knowledge learned in training, referred to as transfer of training, is the subject of increasing interest by management, performance technologists, and... More

    pp. 130-143

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  4. The use of interactive computer simulations in training

    Diana Gatto

    pp. 144-156

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  5. Reducing cognitive load in multimedia navigation

    John Hedberg, Barry Harper & Christine Brown

    The emergence of integrated technologies is facilitating the configuration of vision and sound in ways previously impossible with discrete technologies. The attributes of infinite storage,... More

    pp. 157-181

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  6. Education technology and the mass lecture: A restatement of fundamental issues

    Geoffrey Roberts

    Many more students and staff come into contact with basic educational technology in lecture theatres and classrooms than with computer based education or open learning systems approaches. Such... More

    pp. 182-187

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