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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 1992 Volume 8, Number 2


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 11

  1. Multimedia technology and new pathways to learning

    Nigel Paine & Nigel Paine

    Nigel Paine is Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Educational Technology. This paper was his Keynote address to the Biennial ASET EdTech'92 Conference, 1-3 October 1992 in Adelaide. More

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  2. The exchange of curriculum information in Australian education: A review of purposes, practices, and problems

    Michael Watt & Michael Watt

    This article investigates the patterns and sequences of change in the design of the national system for exchanging information on curriculum-related products within the Australian educational... More

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  3. Curriculum, instructional design and the technologies: Planning for educational delivery

    Clare McBeath & Roger Atkinson

    There has been a tendency in the past for people to see curriculum development, instructional design and the technologies used for educational delivery as three different, but complete, approaches ... More

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  4. Educational information systems: Problems of the small educational organisation

    John Hedberg, Barry Harper, Deborah Bloch & Deborah Bloch

    This paper describes the issues surrounding the provision of information systems to small educational organisations, in particular, the concerns which need to be considered when generating a... More

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  5. Perspectives for school information systems

    Graham Pegler & Graham Pegler

    The development of information systems is often considered, overtly or covertly, in the context of large organisations. Schools, as organisations, need to confront many of the same problems in the ... More

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  6. Adventure games in education: A review

    Beth Cavallari, John Heldberg, Barry Harper & Barry Harper

    This paper details an investigation into the educational applicability of adventure games. Adventure games are defined and their characteristics analysed. Those making claims about the educational ... More

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  7. Educational broadcasting: A comparative approach

    Grahame Ramsay & Grahame Ramsay

    Review of Meyer, M. (1992) Aspects of School Television in Europe Communication Research and Broadcasting No 10. Paris: Saur Munchen. ISBN 3-598-20209-1. More

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  8. Selecting computer based authoring packages for training

    Duncan Jamieson & Peter Hosie

    Choosing a Computer Based Training system is a daunting task. With in excess of one hundred major packages on offer, errors are costly in terms of scarce capital, opportunities foregone, and human ... More

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  9. The politics of open learning

    Iain McAlpine & Iain McAlpine

    Delegates at the Access Through Open Learning conference organised by UNE Northern Rivers at Byron Bay in early September this year participated in a survey aimed a prioritising the major issues in... More

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  10. The open learning initiative: New directions for higher education

    Bruce King

    This paper was Bruce King's Keynote address to the Biennial ASETEdTech'92 Conference, 1-3 October 1992 in Adelaide. More

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  11. The open leaming initiative: New directions for higher education

    Bruce King

    pp. 85-98

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