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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2012 Volume 28, Number 6


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF): Building the ICT in education capacity of the next generation of teachers in Australia

    Geoff Romeo, Margaret Lloyd & Toni Downes

    The Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) project is a unique nationally significant project funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Employment, Education and... More

    pp. 949-964

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  2. Enhancing teachers' ICT capacity for the 21st century learning environment: Three cases of teacher education in Korea

    Hyeonjin Kim, Hyungshin Choi, Jeonghye Han & Hyo-Jeong So

    pp. 965-982

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  3. MAGDAIRE: A model to foster pre-service teachers' ability in integrating ICT and teaching in Taiwan

    Chun-Yen Chang, Yu-Ta Chien, Yueh-Hsia Chang & Chen-Yung Lin

    This report describes our efforts in fostering Taiwanese pre-service teachers' ability to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) and teaching. The current state of science... More

    pp. 983-999

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  4. Examining preservice teachers' perceived knowledge of TPACK and cyberwellness through structural equation modeling

    Ching Chai, Joyce Koh, Hsin Ho & Chin-Chung Tsai

    This study examined outcomes from an information and communication technology (ICT) course designed on the basis of the meaningful learning framework and general cyberwellness issues. It also... More

    pp. 1000-1019

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  5. CoCAR: An online synchronous training model for empowering ICT capacity of teachers of Chinese as a foreign language

    Yu-Ju Lan, Kuo-En Chang & Nian-Shing Chen

    In response to the need to cultivate pre-service Chinese as a foreign language (CFL) teachers' information and communication technology (ICT) competency in online synchronous environments, this... More

    pp. 1020-1038

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  6. The limits of programmed professional development on integration of information and communication technology in education

    Jef Peeraer & Peter Van Petegem

    In the framework of a development cooperation program on quality of education in Vietnam, a professional development trajectory for teacher educators on the use of information and communication... More

    pp. 1039-1056

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  7. The "third"-order barrier for technology-integration instruction: Implications for teacher education

    Chin-Chung Tsai & Ching Chai

    Technology integration is a major trend in contemporary education practice. When undertaking technology integration in classrooms, a first-order barrier and a second-order barrier, as proposed by ... More

    pp. 1057-1060

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  8. Building the capacity of Indonesian education universities for ICT in pre-service teacher education: A case study of a strategic planning exercise

    Cher Lim & Paulina Pannen

    This paper documents how four Indonesian teacher education institutions (TEIs) engaged in strategic planning to build their capacity in developing pre-service teachers' ICT in education... More

    pp. 1061-1067

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  9. Introduction of ICT and multimedia into Cambodia's teacher training centres

    David Dionys

    This article describes the integration of ICT in the teacher training centres of Cambodia. It focuses on the collaboration between the Teacher Training Department of the Ministry of Education,... More

    pp. 1068-1073

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  10. Innovation in the educational technology course for pre-service student teachers in East China Normal University

    Hanbing Yan, Yumin Xiao & Qiyun Wang

    Modern Educational Technology is a common course in many normal universities in China. The Modern Educational Technology Center (METC) of East China Normal University (ECNU) decided to improve the... More

    pp. 1074-1081

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