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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2011 Volume 27, Number 1


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 12

  1. An Australian and New Zealand scoping study on the use of 3D immersive virtual worlds in higher education

    Barney Dalgarno, Mark Lee, Lauren Carlson, Sue Gregory, Belinda Tynan & Belinda Tynan

    This article describes the research design of, and reports selected findings from, a scoping study aimed at examining current and planned applications of 3D immersive virtual worlds at higher... More

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  2. Using social network metrics to assess the effectiveness of broad based admission practices

    Shane Dawson, Leah Macfadyen, Lori Lockyer, David Mazzochi-Jones & David Mazzochi-Jones

    Notions of what it is to be knowledgeable and skilled in one's profession have evolved in recent decades. For instance, medical practitioners are expected to think critically and creatively,... More

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  3. Key elements of the tutorial support management model

    Grace Lynch, Philip Paasuke & Philip Paasuke

    In response to an exponential growth in enrolments the Tutorial Support Management (TSM) model has been adopted by Open Universities Australia (OUA) after a two-year project on the provision of... More

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  4. Publishing and perishing: The critical importance of educational design research

    Thomas Reeves, Susan McKenney, Jan Herrington & Jan Herrington

    The outcomes of educational systems continue to lag far behind expectations at all levels, primary, secondary, and tertiary. Meanwhile, the sheer amount of educational research published in... More

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  5. Using video annotation to reflect on and evaluate physical education pre-service teaching practice

    Meg Colasante & Meg Colasante

    This case study examined the integration of a media annotation tool (MAT) into the learning and assessment activities of an undergraduate teaching (physical education) course. The media form or... More

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  6. From socialisation to internalisation: Cultivating technological pedagogical content knowledge through problem-based learning

    Meng Tee, Shuh Lee & Shuh Lee

    Recent studies on technology have shifted from the emphasis on technology skills alone to integrating pedagogy and content with technology - what Mishra and Koehler (2005) call technological... More

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  7. Information skills and critical literacy: Where are our digikids at with online searching and are their teachers helping?

    Judine Ladbrook, Elizabeth Probert & Elizabeth Probert

    International studies and theorists have posited that digital technologies play an important role in students' lives and that students display a broad range of literacy skills when using them. The ... More

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  8. The intersections of curriculum development: Music, ICT and Australian music education

    Jane Southcott, Renée Crawford, Ren & #233;e Crawford

    Recently, in Australia both the National Review of School Music Education and The Australian Curriculum identify the importance of technology in school music education. However, the understanding... More

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  9. Why don't all maths teachers use dynamic geometry software in their classrooms?

    Gerrit Stols, Jeanne Kriek & Jeanne Kriek

    In this exploratory study, we sought to examine the influence of mathematics teachers' beliefs on their intended and actual usage of dynamic mathematics software in their classrooms. The theory of ... More

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  10. Integrating online learning in NSW secondary schools: Three schools' perspectives on ICT adoption

    Edwina Neyland & Edwina Neyland

    This report examines factors associated with integration of online learning in Sydney region high schools. Past studies have shown that schools can be identified as operating at a certain level of ... More

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  11. Using Slowmation for animated storytelling to represent non-Aboriginal preservice teachers' awareness of "relatedness to country"

    Anthony McKnight, Garry Hoban & Wendy Nielsen

    In this study, a group (N=15) of final year non-Aboriginal preservice teachers participated in an elective subject that aimed to raise their awareness about Aboriginal ways of knowing. A vital... More

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  12. Editorial 27(1)

    Roger Atkinson, Production Editor and Business Manager, Australia; Catherine McLoughlin, Australian Catholic University, Australia

    pp. 1-15

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