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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2009 Volume 25, Number 5


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Web based projects enhancing English language and generic skills development for Asian hospitality industry students

    Mei-jung Wang & Mei-jung Wang

    This study investigated hospitality students' responses toward their learning experiences from undertaking group projects based upon a College web platform, the Ubiquitous Hospitality English... More

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  2. Examining barriers in faculty adoption of an e-portfolio system

    Gerry Swan & Gerry Swan

    This paper is a report on the findings of a study conducted on the implementation of a portfolio system at the University of Kentucky. Interviews were conducted with faculty members and university ... More

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  3. Factors affecting the way students collaborate in a wiki for English language learning

    Vida Zorko & Vida Zorko

    Wikis are believed to be a powerful tool assisting the development of constructivist learning environments, as their very nature supports collaboration. However, not much research has been done... More

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  4. The effect of assessment on the outcomes of asynchronous online discussion as perceived by instructors

    Chris Klisc, Tanya McGill, Valerie Hobbs & Valerie Hobbs

    Asynchronous online discussion is used in a variety of ways, both in online learning environments and in traditional teaching environments where, increasingly frequently, a blended approach is... More

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  5. Group blogs: Documenting collaborative drama processes

    Robyn Philip, Jennifer Nicholls & Jennifer Nicholls

    The use of blogging (online diaries), to support student learning and reflection has increasingly been adopted for assessment purposes in higher education. The relative ease of use and... More

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  6. Engaging professional learning in online environments

    Amani Bell, Gayle Morris & Gayle Morris

    Much of what is regarded as effective professional learning is that which is situated, incorporates a social dimension and enables practitioners to converge in and around authentic practice. This... More

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  7. Developing a better understanding of technology based pedagogy

    Ping Gao, Doris Choy, Angela Wong, Jing Wu & Jing Wu

    The focus of this paper is to present the major qualitative findings from a one year, mixed methods study that explores a cohort of preservice teachers' process of learning to teach with... More

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  8. Essential books in the field of instructional design and technology

    Jenelle Ouimette, Daniel Surry, Adrian Grubb, David Hall & David Hall

    This article describes the results of a study to determine the books that instructional design and technology professionals believed were most important to the field. Participants in this study... More

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  9. Learning efficacy of simultaneous audio and on-screen text in online lectures

    Justin Debuse, Andrew Hede, Meredith Lawley & Meredith Lawley

    This study investigates the application of voice recognition technology to online lectures focusing on the efficacy of the text component of a multimedia presentation. Specifically, participants... More

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  10. Learner centredness in high school distance learning: Teachers' perspectives and research validated principles

    Elizabeth Murphy & Maria Rodriguez-Manzanares

    This paper reports on a study that examined teachers' perspectives on learner centredness in a distance learning context. Data collection relied on semi-structured interviews conducted with 42... More

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  11. Cloudworks: Social networking for learning design

    Gráinne Conole & Juliette Culver

    Can we apply the best of Web 2.0 principles to an educational context? More specifically can we use this as a means of shifting teaching practice to a culture of sharing learning ideas and designs?... More

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