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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2008 Volume 24, Number 1


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Doing staff development: Practices, dilemmas and technologies

    John Hannon & John Hannon

    Online learning technologies now pervade higher education institutions, and the convergence of teaching and learning onto technological systems has created new work practices and a demand for staff... More

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  2. Academic and student use of a learning management system: Implications for quality

    Debbi Weaver, Christine Spratt, Chenicheri Nair & Chenicheri Nair

    Many higher education institutions have implemented a learning management system (LMS) to manage online learning and teaching, with varying levels of support provided to staff and students, but... More

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  3. Prerequisites for interactive learning in distance education: Perspectives from Swedish students

    Berit Östlund, Berit & #214;stlund

    This article investigates distance students' understanding of the prerequisites for interactive learning in asynchronous, computer mediated university distance studies. It encompasses students'... More

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  4. Effective online interaction: Mapping course design to bridge from research to practice

    Mary Thorpe & Mary Thorpe

    Quantitative and qualitative research of a case study course confirmed that the course achieved a highly interactive learning experience, associated with more effective student support and high... More

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  5. The digital video database: A virtual learning community for teacher education

    Winnie So, Vincent Hung, Walker Yip & Walker Yip

    This research started with the design and implementation of an online digital video database, followed by a study of how three student teachers used it in building a virtual learning community that... More

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  6. Postgraduate students' knowledge construction during asynchronous computer conferences in a blended learning environment: A Malaysian experience

    Kian-Sam Hong, Julia Lee & Julia Lee

    Blended learning, using e-learning tools to supplement existing on campus learning, often incorporates asynchronous computer conferencing as a means of augmenting knowledge construction among... More

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  7. First year students' experiences with technology: Are they really digital natives?

    Gregor Kennedy, Terry Judd, Anna Churchward, Kathleen Gray, Kerri-Lee Krause & Kerri-Lee Krause

    This paper reports on a study conducted in 2006 with more than 2,000 incoming first-year Australian university students. Students were asked about their access to, use of and preferences for an... More

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  8. ICT in the secondary visual arts classroom: A study of teachers' values, attitudes and beliefs

    Renata Phelps & Carrie Maddison

    For some 20 years the literature has been highlighting a range of benefits to be gained from integrating information and communication technology (ICT) in the teaching of visual arts. However,... More

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