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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2006 Volume 22, Number 1


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Gender issues in preservice teachers' training: ICT literacy and online learning

    Lina Markauskaite & Lina Markauskaite

    Gender differences in self reported ICT experience and ICT literacy among first year graduate trainee teachers were investigated. Using a dynamic model, three main components of aspiring teachers' ... More

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  2. Students' perceptions of a selected aspect of a computer mediated academic writing program: An activity theory analysis

    John Brine, Margaret Franken & Margaret Franken

    The use of activity theory is considered in the evaluation of a web based academic writing course in a New Zealand university. Activity theory is an aspect of sociocultural theory and provides a... More

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  3. The design, development and evaluation of a virtual reality based learning environment

    Chwen Chen & Chwen Chen

    Many researchers and instructional designers increasingly recognise the benefits of utilising three dimensional virtual reality (VR) technology in instruction. In general, there are two types of VR... More

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  4. Using asynchronous online discussions in primary school project work

    Azilawati Jamaludin, Quek Lang & Quek Lang

    Using asynchronous online discussions for interschool collaborative project work represents one of the innovative practices in the Singapore classroom. With anytime, anywhere access to interactions... More

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  5. Degree of fit: University students in paid employment, service delivery and technology

    Marilyn Anderson & Marilyn Anderson

    This study examines the ease of, and proficiency in, accessing web based technology, and the convenience (or otherwise) of service delivery in the facilitation of combining study with paid work for... More

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  6. The prevalence and characteristics of online assessment in Australian universities

    Rod Byrnes, Allan Ellis & Allan Ellis

    Assessment is one of the key elements of the teaching and learning process. It provides teachers with a means of evaluating the quality of their instruction. Students also use it to drive and... More

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  7. Modelling ICT integration in teacher education courses using distributed cognition as a framework

    Carole Steketee & Carole Steketee

    Teacher education students have a significant role to play in the sustained application of ICT in schools. It is imperative therefore, that they are exposed to effective use of ICT in their... More

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