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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2004 Volume 20, Number 1


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 7

  1. User control and task authenticity for spatial learning in 3D environments

    Barney Dalgarno, Barry Harper & Barry Harper

    This paper describes two empirical studies which investigated the importance for spatial learning of view control and object manipulation within 3D environments. A 3D virtual chemistry laboratory... More

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  2. Making sense of audit trail data

    Gregor Kennedy, Terry Judd & Terry Judd

    In this paper we argue that the use of audit trail data for research and evaluation purposes has attracted scepticism due to real and perceived difficulties associated with the data's... More

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  3. Online interaction impacts on learning: Teaching the teachers to teach online

    Gail Wilson, Elizabeth Stacey & Elizabeth Stacey

    This paper explores the importance of interaction in the online teaching environment and the important role of staff development in developing teacher presence online. Professionally developing... More

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  4. Teachers and ICT: Exploring a metacognitive approach to professional development

    Renata Phelps, Anne Graham, Berenice Kerr & Berenice Kerr

    Professional development for teachers in information and communication technology (ICT) is currently a major priority for school systems in Australia and internationally. The metacognitive and... More

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  5. Instructional designers' observations about identity, communities of practice and change agency

    Richard Schwier, Katy Campbell, Richard Kenny & Richard Kenny

    We presume that models and theory in instructional design inform professional practice, but theory has not been consistently built from the professional experiences of instructional designers. This... More

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  6. Webfolio: An online learning community to help link university studies and classroom practice in preservice teacher education

    Reesa Sorin & Reesa Sorin

    The Webfolio project was developed at James Cook University to extend students' professional learning beyond what is taught in lectures or gleaned through the practicum. Through web based case... More

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  7. Valuing and using web supported teaching: A staff development role in closing the gaps

    Susan Shannon, Loene Doube & Loene Doube

    This paper describes findings from a 2002-03 research project which sought to establish what the barriers were to the adoption or extended use of the centrally supported online learning management ... More

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