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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2003 Volume 19, Number 2


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Online learning communities: Investigating a design framework

    Chris Brook & Ron Oliver

    This paper reports the development of a design framework intended to support and guide online instructors in the development of a learning community. The study was guided by an investigation of... More

    pp. 139-160

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  2. The emergence of an online learning community in first year tertiary studies in psychology

    Dale Holt, Mary Rice & Christine Armatas

    The introduction of an online supported, resource based learning environment into a large, multi-modal first year psychology unit led to the spontaneous development of a small, but active,... More

    pp. 161-175

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  3. Mathematics learning forum: Role of ICT in the construction of pre-service teachers' content knowledge schema

    Mohan Chinnappan

    Recent interest in the topic of knowledge bases for teachers of mathematics has led to a sustained analysis of how teacher knowledge influences interactions with their students. The results of... More

    pp. 176-191

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  4. Towards a smart community: Rethinking the strategic use of ICTs in teaching and learning

    Colin Baskin, Michelle Barker & Peter Woods

    In response to continuing pressures for change and reform in the higher education sector, this paper outlines and develops a 'smart community' model for developing the strategic use of information... More

    pp. 192-210

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  5. Modelling learner and educator interactions in an electronic learning community

    Judy Sheard, Sita Ramakrishnan & Jan Miller

    Critical to understanding how an electronic learning community can be established and sustained is understanding how learners and educators interact within the community. The study reported in... More

    pp. 211-226

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  6. A networked learning community approach to sustain teacher ICT professional development

    Glenice Watson & Sarah Prestridge

    This paper explores the process of collaboratively creating a networked learning community of practising teachers to support information and communication technology (ICT) professional development... More

    pp. 227-240

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  7. Models to evaluate online learning communities of asynchronous discussion forums

    Khe Hew & Wing Cheung

    Recent developments in learning theory have emphasised the importance of context and social interaction. In this vein, the notion of a learning community is gaining momentum. With the advent of... More

    pp. 241-259

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