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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 2000 Volume 16, Number 2


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Information technology skills in the workplace: Implications for Bachelor of Arts degrees

    Robyn Lawson, Christine de Matos & Christine de Matos

    Changing work practices have increased demands for information technology (IT) skills within non-IT professions. Many employers want experience in desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and Internet... More

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  2. Using multimedia to assist students with communication skills and biopsychosocial integration: An evaluation

    Teng Liaw, Gregor Kennedy, Mike Keppell, John Marty, Ruth McNair & Ruth McNair

    This paper reports on the development rationale and evaluation of a computer facilitated learning (CFL) package which aimed to assist medical students with their clinical communication skills and... More

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  3. Learning tool or potplant stand? Students' opinions of learning from a CAL program in a distance education context

    Robert Lyall, Suzanne McNamara & Suzanne McNamara

    Although teaching institutions are continually moving towards electronic forms of delivering learning material, a study of first year adult distance chemistry students found that they had developed... More

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  4. Issues involved in developing a project based online unit which enhances teamwork and collaboration

    Rob Phillips, Joe Luca & Joe Luca

    This paper presents the results of developmental research into the design of an online unit on Interactive Multimedia project management. The decision to offer the unit online was based on a... More

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  5. When using sound with a text or picture is not beneficial for learning

    Slava Kalyuga & Slava Kalyuga

    Conventional wisdom tells us that two modalities (visual and auditory) are better than one modality in any instructional message. This paper describes two cases where combining audio explanations... More

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  6. Factors affecting students' satisfaction on a web course

    Robin Mason, Martin Weller & Martin Weller

    This paper takes the form of a dialogue between the evaluator and the course team chair of a very large web-based course presented by the Technology Faculty of the UK Open University. An extensive ... More

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