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Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Jan 01, 1999 Volume 15, Number 3


Eva Heinrich; Michael Henderson; Petrea Redmond

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Learning about online learning: An approach to staff development for university teachers

    Sue Bennet, Ann-Marie Priest, Colin Macpherson & Colin Macpherson

    At Central Queensland University (CQU), like many other universities, there is growing interest in using the Internet to deliver course materials and support student learning, especially for... More

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  2. The implications of the research literature on learning styles for the design of instructional material

    Catherine McLoughlin & Catherine McLoughlin

    An enduring question for educational research is the effect of individual differences on the efficacy of learning. Aspects of individual differences that have been much explored relate to... More

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  3. A decision making simulation using computer mediated communication

    Robert McLaughlan, Denise Kirkpatrick & Denise Kirkpatrick

    Simulations can be used to familiarise participants with the complexities of decision making and negotiation. The infusion of computer mediated communication strategies with simulation offers the... More

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  4. Interactivity on stage: Strategies for learner-designer communication

    Rod Sims; Rod Sims, Southern Cross University, Australia

    The word interactive, when used to described computer based learning resources, has tended to imply better experiences, more active learning, enhanced interest and motivation. But despite the... More

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