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Journal of Applied Research and Technology

June 2015 Volume 13, Number 3

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Number of articles: 12

  1. Improving speech intelligibility for binaural voice transmission under disturbing noise and reverberation using virtual speaker lateralization

    A.L. Padilla Ortiz & F. Orduña-Bustamante

    Subjective speech intelligibility tests were carried out in order to investigate strategies to improve speech intelligibility in binaural voice transmission when listening from different azimuth... More

    pp. 351-358

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  2. The impact of emotions on the helpfulness of movie reviews

    R. Ullah, A. Zeb & W. Kim, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (South)

    Online customer reviews have become a significant source of product-related information for consumers. As a result of the growing number of customer reviews, determining which customer reviews are ... More

    pp. 359-363

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  3. Analyzing and forecasting the global CO2 concentration – a collaborative fuzzy–neural agent network approach

    T. Chen

    In order to effectively analyze and forecast the global CO More

    pp. 364-373

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  4. Energy based reliable multicast routing protocol for packet forwarding in MANET

    S. Gopinath, Research Scholar, Anna University, India; N. Nagarajan, Principal & Professor of ECE Department, Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

    Mobile Ad hoc Network consists of mobile nodes without any assisting infrastructure. Mobility of nodes causes network partition. This leads to heavy overhead and less packet forwarding ratio. In... More

    pp. 374-381

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  5. Development of an axial suspended AMB experimental bench for load and disturbance tests

    R. Gouws

    This paper provides the development of an axial suspended active magnetic bearing (AMB) experimental bench for load and disturbance tests. This test bench must be capable of levitating a 2 More

    pp. 382-391

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  6. Efficient data transfer in mobile ad-hoc network using OPSM for disaster response applications

    V. Bhanumathi, Anna University, Regional Centre Coimbatore, India; R. Dhanasekaran, Syed Ammal Engineering College, Ramanathapuram, India

    The nodes in mobile ad-hoc network depend on battery for its power. Therefore, effective utilization of energy is necessary for efficient transfer of data between the persons involved in rescue... More

    pp. 392-401

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  7. Hexagonal scale invariant feature transform (H-SIFT) for facial feature extraction

    A. Azeem, M. Sharif, J.H. Shah & M. Raza

    Feature transformation and key-point identifi is the solution to many local feature descriptors. One among such descriptor is the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT). A small effort has been... More

    pp. 402-408

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  8. Comparison among some well known control schemes with different tuning methods

    R. Kumar, S.K. Singla & V. Chopra

    This paper presents a comparison between some well-known control schemes such as feedback, feedback plus feed-forward, cascade and cascade plus feed-forward for controlling a third-order process.... More

    pp. 409-415

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  9. Reliability optimization of electrical distribution systems using internal loops to minimize energy not-supplied (ENS)

    H. Hashemi-Dezaki, H. Askarian-Abyaneh & H. Haeri-Khiavi

    The topology of the electrical distribution systems is somehow similar to the topology of leaves as a natural optimal system. The leaves having internal loops (ILs) are more reliable than ones... More

    pp. 416-424

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  10. Discussion on key successful factors of TPM in enterprises

    C.-C. Shen

    It generally takes 2.5 to 3 years for an enterprise to implement total productive maintenance (TPM) in a full swing; however, the actual duration depends on each company's corporate status.... More

    pp. 425-427

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  11. A proposed method for design of test cases for economic analysis in power systems

    J.A. Marmolejo-Saucedo, Faculty of Engineering, Anahuac University, Ciudad de; R. Rodríguez-Aguilar, School of Economics, National Polytechnic Institute, Ciudad de

    Nowadays, in power systems, we still lack the existence of standardized test systems that can be used to benchmark the performance and solution quality of proposed optimization techniques. Several ... More

    pp. 428-434

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  12. Script format document authentication scheme based on watermarking techniques

    M. González-Lee, Universidad Veracruzana, Facultad de Ingeniería en Electrónica y Comunicaciones, Poza Rica; M. Nakano-Miyatake, H. Pérez-Meana & G. Sánchez-Pérez, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School

    In almost all watermarking-based document authentication systems, the documents are considered as binary images and then, the watermark is embedded using some image watermarking algorithm. However ... More

    pp. 435-442

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