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Teaching and Learning in Nursing

January 2013 Volume 8, Number 1

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  1. Mentoring the needs of nontraditional students

    Nadine Donahue & Susan Glodstein

    The increasingly diverse student nursing population reflects the cultural composition of the United States and makes it imperative to promote cultural awareness among faculty and students. Nurse... More

    pp. 2-3

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  2. Relationship of associate degree nursing program criteria with NCLEX-RN success: What are the best predictors in a nursing program of passing the NCLEX-RN the first time?

    Rita M. Trofino

    The purpose of this pilot study was to analyze which of the associate degree nursing program criteria have a strong relationship with first-time passing rate of the National Council Licensure... More

    pp. 4-12

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  3. From bedside to classroom: From expert back to novice

    Cheryl Spencer

    For the nursing profession to be successful, qualified educators are needed in the academic setting. The supply of such educators is affected by both the clinical and educational preparation of... More

    pp. 13-16

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  4. Developing nursing students' metacognitive skills using social technology

    Margaret Norris & Philip Gimber

    Nursing students can learn more from the clinical setting with the incorporation of metacognitive practice. This article shows the benefits of metacognition in educating nursing students and uses... More

    pp. 17-21

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  5. Collaborative testing and mixed results

    Charles Preston Molsbee

    The topic of collaborative testing has received attention in the literature recently. There has been a wide range of findings from these studies. This study focused on the use of collaborative... More

    pp. 22-25

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  6. Developing a faculty fitness training program for community college nurse educators: “A pilot project”

    Lawrence Bentley

    This pilot project examined a faculty fitness training program executed over a spring and summer session. It was supported by a $5,000.00 grant from the City University of New York, Office of... More

    pp. 26-32

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  7. Toward a Reflective Practice: Using Critical Incidents

    Rojann R. Alpers, Kay Jarrell & Roxena Wotring

    pp. 33-35

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  8. Accreditation management with technology

    Tim J. Bristol

    pp. 36-39

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