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Teaching and Learning in Nursing

October 2012 Volume 7, Number 4

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  1. What is the solution for clinical nurse educators and the electronic medical record?

    Christine L. Brooks & Lynn K. Erickson

    Health care facilities are implementing the electronic medical record for a variety of reasons. The purpose of this article will summarize the challenges nurse educators and students face as a... More

    pp. 129-132

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  2. Effectiveness of clickers as a pedagogical tool in improving nursing student's examination performance

    Susan Welch

    A small number of research studies exist regarding the effectiveness of clickers as a pedagogical tool, specifically in improving nursing students' examination performance in the classroom. A... More

    pp. 133-139

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  3. The portfolio as a summative assessment for the nursing student

    Tracey L. Hill

    This article looks at the effectiveness of the educational portfolio in the summative assessment of the nursing student. Findings of high inter-rater reliability point to the usefulness of the... More

    pp. 140-145

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  4. The relationship between enhanced remediation and NCLEX success

    Cynthia Horton, Carolee Polek & Thomas L. Hardie

    The prediction of first-attempt National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses success remains important for students and schools of nursing. We provide a brief overview of the... More

    pp. 146-151

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  5. Exposure to bullying at the associate degree nursing program director level

    Ronda D. Mintz-Binder & Richard D. Calkins

    The first national study of the work environment of associate degree nursing program directors was performed in December 2008. A surprising finding was that one-third of the respondents ( More

    pp. 152-158

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  6. A jump-start to classes: Using self-assessments

    Rojann R. Alpers, Kay Jarrell & Roxena Wotring

    pp. 159-161

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  7. Hybrid learning in nursing education: Seat time plus feet time

    Tim J. Bristol

    pp. 162-166

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