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ED-MEDIA 2005--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications

Jun 27, 2005


Piet Kommers; Griff Richards

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  1. Dovetailing pedagogical and technical support with evaluation

    Paula Hodgson, University of Auckland, New Zealand; Paul Lam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Yiu-Hing, Eric Wong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

    A joint effort was made by three universities in Hong Kong to promote and implement web-assisted teaching and learning in the university context over the period 2002–2004. This effort, the... More

    pp. 226-233

  2. Authentic Doing – Using Digital Video to Produce & Publish Oral Histories on the Web

    Howard Levin, The Urban School, United States

    Modern digital production and editing tools now make it possible for students to contribute with meaningful and immediately useful research previously reserved to professionals. This paper will... More

    pp. 247-250

  3. Design Framework of Situated Online Environments for Foreign Language Learning

    Seung-hee Lee, Indiana University, United States; Jeong-hee Lee, Induk Institute of Technology, Korea (South); Jin-Woo Kim, Hanseo University, Korea (South)

    With the rapid utilization of web technologies in education fields, the transformation of essential concepts of learning and teaching strategies has been gaining a great deal of attention among... More

    pp. 1894-1899

  4. Participating Virtually in a Scientific Conference: A Collaborative E-Learning Scenario for Authentic Learning in Higher Education

    Josianne Basque, Télé-université, LICEF-CIRTA, Canada; Kim Chi Dao, Télé-université, Canada; Contamines Julien, LICEF-CIRTA, Télé-université, Canada

    This paper presents a collaborative e-learning scenario inspired by socio-constructivist and situated learning theories which encourage authentic learning. Developed for a graduate distance... More

    pp. 1953-1960

  5. Using learning protocols for knowledge acquisition and problem solving with individual and group incentives

    Michael Oehl & Hans-Rüdiger Pfister, University Lüneburg, Germany

    The learning protocol approach implements cooperation scripts as automated discourse rules into a net-based learning environment. The purpose of learning protocols is to improve learning outcomes... More

    pp. 2098-2109

  6. IDIOMA-TIC online and off-line: a truly innovative language learning authoring tool

    Bert Wylin, K.U.Leuven Campus Kortrijk, Belgium

    The IDIOMA-TIC tool is an authoring system which facilitates the creation and the correction of a wide variety of closed and half open exercises for language learners. The type of exercises... More

    pp. 3516-3518

  7. Enhancing an electronic portfolio with field observations: A field assessment tool for internships

    Adam Finkelstein & Mariette Xenopoulos, McGill University, Canada

    In this presentation we will demonstrate the addition of an evaluation tool to an electronic portfolio that tracks the progress of students in the medical sciences with both self and team... More

    pp. 3669-3670

  8. Designing an Online Note Taking Tool from the Ground Up

    Aaron Bauer & Kenneth Koedinger, Carnegie Mellon University, United States

    Though note taking applications have been built for educational purposes, none have been evaluated experimentally. It is therefore unclear whether digital note taking realizes the same benefits... More

    pp. 4181-4186

  9. Life Beyond PT3: Field-Testing and Marketing an E-Portfolio Digital Textbook

    Curtis Ho, Gary Theal & Ariana Eichelberger, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

    Interactive learning objects were designed to assist teacher education faculty and students in creating electronic portfolios. A modular approach was used to combine a number of topic specific... More

    pp. 4253-4258

  10. A Web Based Application Using Videos of Practice to Support Teacher Education in Quebec

    Florian Meyer & Robert David, Universite de Montreal, Canada; Judith Cantin, AQUOPS, Canada; Michel Aube, Universite de Sherbrooke, Canada

    We have developed and are currently implementing a web based application to support the training needs that arose from the changes in teachers' new roles and practices. This tool, built around a... More

    pp. 4302-4305

  11. Digital Animation Resources for Learning to Read Plans

    Airton Cattani, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – School of Arquitecture, Brazil

    This paper discuss the evolution of the technical resources employed in a website intended for the professional training of construction workers in the interpretation of plans. Developed as a... More

    pp. 4887-4891