LearnTechLib Developing Countries Initiative

LearnTechLib is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to positive, transformational change in the field of learning and technology. As such, subscriptions and papers are offered at greatly discounted rates to all regardless of income.  

In addition, LearnTechLib is works to ensure that learning professionals in developing countries where resources are limited have access to its high quality learning resources library.  Thus, the LearnTechLib Developing Countries Initiative was created to further impact learning in developing countries through two giving programs: Buy One -> Give One and Impact for Change in Learning.  

Giving Programs:

Buy One = Give One

With each institutional subscription to LearnTechLib, a library in a developing country receives a LearnTechLib subscription. The sponsoring institution may choose either the recipient country or a specific institutional library, or one will be selected by the LearnTechLib Ambassadors consisting of university librarians and faculty.

Impact for Change in Learning

A percentage of subscription funds to LearnTechLib are distributed to well-vetted educational charities that have the potential for long term, sustainable change.  These charities are selected by the LearnTechLib Ambassadors.

To determine which countries are eligible, LearnTechLib follows the criteria established by Research4Life and partly based upon World Bank figures.  Both Groups A and B qualify for subscription donations. http://www.research4life.org/eligibility/.


Sponsored Universities

Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Sponsored by Subscriber: Middlesex County College