Global Usage Statistics for October 2017

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A total of 347,103 sessions.

Sessions over Time
Date Sessions
Oct 01, 2017 12106
Oct 02, 2017 13352
Oct 03, 2017 13162
Oct 04, 2017 12854
Oct 05, 2017 8693
Oct 06, 2017 8354
Oct 07, 2017 7505
Oct 08, 2017 8072
Oct 09, 2017 8757
Oct 10, 2017 8748
Oct 11, 2017 9671
Oct 12, 2017 12025
Oct 13, 2017 12190
Oct 14, 2017 11349
Oct 15, 2017 11729
Oct 16, 2017 12879
Oct 17, 2017 12510
Oct 18, 2017 12436
Oct 19, 2017 11922
Oct 20, 2017 11748
Oct 21, 2017 10898
Oct 22, 2017 11929
Oct 23, 2017 12380
Oct 24, 2017 12093
Oct 25, 2017 12151
Oct 26, 2017 11650
Oct 27, 2017 11682
Oct 28, 2017 10310
Oct 29, 2017 10592
Oct 30, 2017 12029
Oct 31, 2017 11327
Most Active Institutions
Institution Sessions
Providence Univ/Luking Lib 702
Liberty University 583
University of Gothenburg 384
University of Phoenix 370
Southern Cross University Library 244
Capella University 243
Australian Catholic University 237
Michigan State University 228
George Mason University 203
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 181
National Taiwan Normal University 179
Monash University 172
Northeastern University (Snell Library) 165
Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit 161
Murdoch University Library 158
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - Sultanah Zanariah Library 140
The Education University of Hong Kong 131
University of Ontario Institute of Technology 129
Purdue University 128
Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington 128
Macquarie University 125
North Carolina State University 125
Brigham Young University 124
FernUniversitaet in Hagen 124
University of South Florida 112
Middle East Technical University Library 109
University of Hong Kong 106
Queensland University of Technology 105
Most Active Countries
Country Sessions
United States 5250
Australia 1563
Taiwan 727
Canada 683
Hong Kong 451
Sweden 418
United Kingdom 210
Germany 198
Netherlands 166
Turkey 161
Malaysia 158
Italy 82
Belgium 82
New Zealand 77
Singapore 65
Finland 58
South Africa 54
Japan 44
Norway 42
Brazil 40

Journals & Conferences

Most Accesed Journals
Journal Sessions
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 6822
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 6190
International Journal on E-Learning 4171
Computers & Education 3604
Educational Technology 3568
Journal of Interactive Learning Research 3358
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 3149
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 3047
AACE Journal 2970
International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences 2929
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research 2450
The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning 1764
Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology 1733
International Journal of Education and Development using ICT 1610
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 1527
Journal of Science Education and Technology 1467
Educational Media International 1317
International Journal of Educational Telecommunications 1282
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 1271
T.H.E. Journal 1263
Most Accesed Conferences
Conference Sessions
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 25519
EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology 19037
E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 11614
Global Learn 2088
WebNet World Conference on the WWW and Internet 999
ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference 923
TCC Worldwide Online Conference 436
Global TIME 189
International Conference on Mathematics / Science Education and Technology 186
Proceedings of the Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conference 171
American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting 134
International Academy for Information Management Annual Conference 29
International Conference e-Learning 2014. Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 14
International Conference on Educational Technologies (ICEduTech) 6
Selected Research and Development Presentations at the 1996 National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology 5
American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Annual Meeting 5

Top Articles & Conference Papers

Most Viewed Articles
Title Count
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 888
The Use of Electronic Journaling to Support and Promote the Concept of Reflective Practice with... 684
Innovation in Design of Project-Based Learning for the K-12 Online Context 678
Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017 430
Smartphones-Smart Students: A Review of the Literature 413
Virtual Voices: Online Teachers' Perceptions of Online Teaching Standards 377
Future Directions of Blended Learning in Higher Education and Workplace Learning Settings 367
The Embedded Librarian: Going Beyond the Field of Dreams Model for Online Programs 362
Effects of Online Games on Student Performance in Undergraduate Physics 341
Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Eight Keys to Success 325
A large-scale Internet /computer-based, training module: dissemination of evidence-based... 237
To Differentiate or Not to Differentiate? Using Internet-Based Technology in the Classroom 213
The Delphi Method for Graduate Research 210
Performance and Behavioral Outcomes in Technology-Supported Learning: The Role of Interactive... 206
Unobtrusive Digital Video Capture of Live Classroom Instruction 202
Implementing Flipped Classroom in Blended Learning environments: a Proposal Based on the... 194
Myths and Realities About Technology in K-12 Schools: Five Years Later 178
Teachers as Designers: Integrating Robotics in Early Childhood Education 151
Assessing Technology Integration: The RAT – Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation -... 139
Revisiting the Effect of Reminders on Infants' Media Memories: Does the Encoding Format Matter? 117
Most Downloaded Articles
Title Count
A Framework for the Assessing of Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Mixed Approach 2500
Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Eight Keys to Success 1387
Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017 879
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 731
Social Presence Theory and Implications for Interaction and Collaborative Learning in Computer... 668
Issues in Distance Learning 326
Buried Treasure: The Impact of Computer Use on Young Children’s Social, Cognitive, Language... 277
Bringing ADDIE to Life: Instructional Design at Its Best 254
A Paradigm Shift: Technology Integration for Higher Education in the New Millennium 247
Does Math Achievement h’APP’en when iPads and Game-Based Learning are Incorporated into Fifth... 247
Comparative Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face... 207
The Delphi Method for Graduate Research 196
Mathematics Teacher TPACK Standards and Development Model 195
Problems of policy formulation and implementation: The case of ICT use in rural women’s... 178
Teaching Science with Technology: Case Studies of Science Teachers' Development of Technological ... 169
Teachers’ Views on Factors Affecting Effective Integration of Information Technology in the... 142
Characteristics of Adult Learners With Implications for Online Learning Design 137
Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction among the Working Women of Banking and Education Sector - ... 114
Applying Social Cognitive Constructs of Motivation to Enhance Student Success in Online Distance ... 113
Significance of Microfinance Institutions in Rural Development of India 108
Most Emailed Articles
Title Count
Essential Attributes for Online Success: Student Learning Preferences and Faculty Teaching Styles 27
Looming, Plotting, and Animating Historical Time Series Measures of Direct and Indirect... 18
Instructional Design for Distance Education 13
A Content Analysis of Multinationals' Web Communication Strategies: Cross-Cultural Research... 13
Information Systems’ Diverse Origins Coming Together 13
Redesigning the Teacher Education Technology Course to Emphasize Integration 10
Information Architecture for the Web: The IA Matrix Approach to Designing Children's Portals 10
Best Practices and Benefits of Interactive Web Conferencing via WebEx 10
Key Influencing Factors behind Moodle Adoption in Irish Small to Medium Sized Higher Education... 9
Effects of Jigsaw and Animation Techniques on Students' Understanding of Concepts and Subjects in... 9
A student model for web-based intelligent educational system 9
E-Readers: Powering up for Engagement 9
Information Science Research Agenda in Slovakia: History and Emerging Vision 8
From OER to OEP: Shifting Practitioner Perspectives and Practices with Innovative Learning... 8
Teaching languages online: Deconstructing the myths 8
Learning with LOGO: Logo and Vectors 6
Using the Internet in College Admission: Strategic Choices 6
A Review of MicroFACT 2.0: A Microcomputer Factor Analysis Program for Ordered Polytomous Data... 6
Scaffolding the Appropriation of Self-Regulatory Activity: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of Changes... 6
An exploration of the relationship between social media use and engagement among African American... 6