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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

July 2009 Volume 17, Number 3


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Delivering Online Professional Development in Mathematics to Rural Educators

    Jo Cady & Kristin Rearden, University of Tennessee, United States

    Rural school districts struggle to attract, retain, and support highly qualified mathematics teachers. A series of four online professional development courses in the form of integrated mathematics... More

    pp. 281-298

  2. Connecting Preservice Teachers With Children Using Blogs

    Susan Gibson & Jenna Kelland, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada

    This article describes how a blogging exchange between pre-service teachers and elementary school children was used as part of a social studies pedagogy course. The objective of this exchange was... More

    pp. 299-314

  3. Supporting Learner-Centered ICT Integration: The Influence of Collaborative and Needs-Based Professional Development

    Ronald MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

    A mixed-method study was carried out to investigate how teacher attitude and professional development influence learner-centered Information Communication Technology (ICT) integration. A... More

    pp. 315-348

  4. The Challenge of Change: Digital Video-Analysis and Constructivist Teaching Approaches on a One Year Preservice Teacher Education Program in Ireland

    Angela Rickard, Claire McAvinia & Nigel Quirke-Bolt, NUI Maynooth, Ireland

    The project described created a stimulating and professionally relevant way for pre-service teacher education to build student teachers’ skills in critical reflection, collaboration and... More

    pp. 349-367

  5. Supporting Induction Teachers’ Development Using Performance-Based Video Evidence

    Richard E. West & Peter J. Rich, Brigham Young University, United States; Craig E. Shepherd, University of Wyoming, United States; Arthur Recesso & Michael J. Hannafin, University of Georgia, United States

    This research study was designed to inform the development of a new teacher assessment model. The goal of the Teacher Success Model (TSM) initiative is to develop a systematic, evidence-informed... More

    pp. 369-391

  6. Preparing Preservice Teachers for 21st Century Classrooms: Transforming Attitudes and Behaviors About Innovative Technology

    Mia Kim Williams, Teresa S. Foulger & Keith Wetzel, Arizona State University, United States

    Keeping-up with progressing technology tools has been a troublesome issue for educational technology instructors for over ten years as they endeavor to prepare beginning teachers to integrate... More

    pp. 393-418