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A demands-resources model of work pressure in IT student task groups


Computers & Education Volume 55, Number 1, ISSN 0360-1315 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper presents an initial test of the group task demands-resources (GTD-R) model of group task performance among IT students. We theorize that demands and resources in group work influence formation of perceived group work pressure (GWP) and that heightened levels of GWP inhibit group task performance. A prior study identified 11 factors relating to the task, group, individual, or environment as source factors to GWP. We extended this research by creating and validating scales for each source factor within an integrated GWP instrument. We then applied the instrument in an initial test of the GTD-R model. Results show the GTD-R model provides good predictions of GWP and group task performance. In addition we find GWP, task complexity, and time pressure factors to be higher in IT tasks vs. non-IT tasks described by our student participants. The findings extend demands-resources research from its prior focus on job burnout and exhaustion in individual tasks to incorporate less-intense pressure levels and group task contexts.


Wilson, E.V. & Sheetz, S.D. (2010). A demands-resources model of work pressure in IT student task groups. Computers & Education, 55(1), 415-426. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved February 25, 2021 from .

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