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Nurture a psychologically safe hybrid teaching and learning practice

, LUISS Business School, Italy


This contribution aims to raise awareness of the need to redesign a safe and positive environment for teaching and learning in hybrid contexts in post-pandemic times. We have not cracked hybrid learning in the last couple of challenging years; students are overwhelmed by digital materials, exhausted, and challenged by remote interactions. Professors still need direction; where are they supposed to look? At the camera? At the real in-class students? How many variants to their courses must they redesign to deliver on the ILOs? How are they supported? Have our institutions tackled the emotional displacing effects of hybrid learning? Is psychological safety lacking? Is this mining the ability to take risks instrumental to failing and learning? Are educational institutions providing a safe space to debrief the learning mature during these hectic times? Are practitioners role modelling a vulnerability in using Edtech proficiently in their hybrid classes? How do we support teaching and learning best practice sharing and debriefing, which allows the faculty to heal and progress fearlessly? LUISS Business School created the Teaching and Learning Hub to support professors further in this transformational journey to redesign the educational contents and dynamics to face the unexpected dual risk of a renewed hybrid, distance, blended, augmented teaching and learning practice.


Mastrogiacomi, F. Nurture a psychologically safe hybrid teaching and learning practice. In Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning Online 2022 (pp. 171-174). Retrieved March 26, 2023 from .