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Biomedical Image Compression Techniques for Clinical Image Processing

, Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University


Image processing is widely used in the domain of biomedical engineering especially for compression of clinical images. Clinical diagnosis receives high importance which involves handling patient’s data more accurately and wisely when treating patients remotely. Many researchers proposed different methods for compression of medical images using Artificial Intelligence techniques. Developing efficient automated systems for compression of medical images in telemedicine is the focal point in this paper. Three major approaches were proposed here for medical image compression. They are image compression using neural network, fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy logic to preserve higher spectral representation to maintain finer edge information’s, and relational coding for inter band coefficients to achieve high compressions. The developed image coding model is evaluated over various quality factors. From the simulation results it is observed that the proposed image coding system can achieve efficient compression performance compared with existing block coding and JPEG coding approaches, even under resource constraint environments.


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