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A Four-in-one Teaching Model for Fundamental Nursing Based on UCD Theory

, , Xiangnan University

iJET Volume 15, Number 15, ISSN 1863-0383 Publisher: International Journal of Emerging Technology in Learning, Kassel, Germany


With the change of health concept and medical mode, the nursing personnel in the 21st century will confront day by day expanding work domain, and new opportunities and challenges put forward new requirements for the scale and quality of nursing personnel training. The core problem of nursing education reform is course reform. At present, nursing specialty teaching has such problems as the lack of learning initiative and imperfect course evaluation system which seriously affect the teaching effect. Hence, this study applied UCD theory, summarized the principles of multimedia teaching design based on UCD theory, and applied it in network course design of nursing teaching. The detailed design application method expanded in detail from three aspects: course process, course content and course experience. Meanwhile, four-in-one (blended-flipped-autonomous-collaborative) teaching model was proposed. The teaching model is based on the functional structure relation between course objective and course implementation process, and element analysis model of course quality process. The course quality evaluation index system oriented to objective-process was constructed from six dimensions (including course objective adaptation, teaching resource guarantee, teaching program execution, teaching program suitability, quality assurance effectiveness and course objective attainment) to assess the application effect of four-in-one teaching model in Fundamental Nursing. The results show that the four-in-one teaching model better improves students’ self-management ability, information acquisition ability, learning and cooperation ability, compared with traditional teaching models. Objective-process course quality evaluation index system can quantify evaluation of teaching effect from multiple dimensions and make teachers optimize course design with pertinence.


Li, P. & Li, C. (2020). A Four-in-one Teaching Model for Fundamental Nursing Based on UCD Theory. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(15), 188-201. Kassel, Germany: International Journal of Emerging Technology in Learning. Retrieved May 27, 2023 from .