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IoT for Monitoring and Control of Water Quality Parameters

, , LIRE Laboratory Constantine 2 University ; , MISC Laboratory Constantine 2 University


This work presents an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to facilitate real time water quality monitoring by enabling the management of collected data from electronic sensors. Firstly, we present in detail problems encountered during the used data collection process. We discuss after the requirements from the water monitoring quality standpoint, data acquisition, cloud processing and data visualization to the end user. We designed a solution to minimize technicians’ visits to isolated water tower, we designed sensors achieving a lifespan of several years. The solution will be capable of scaling the processing and storage resources. This combination of technologies can cope with different types of environments. The system also provides a notification to a remote user, when there is a non-conformity of water quality parameters with the pre-defined set of standard values.


Lezzar, F., Benmerzoug, D. & Kitouni, I. (2020). IoT for Monitoring and Control of Water Quality Parameters. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved October 30, 2020 from .