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Expansive learning across workplace boundaries


International Journal of Educational Research Volume 50, Number 1 ISSN 0883-0355 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


The article analyses a collaborative effort of learning across workplace boundaries in a regional learning network of South Savo, Finland. The focus is on the Forum of In-house Development in the network. Our objective is to highlight a dialectical approach to boundaries that draws from the ideas of cultural–historical activity theory. Expansive transformation may be explored through the expansion of socio-spatial and instrumental-developmental boundaries. This is shown through four transitional episodes that reveal the expansion of the object of learning. We argue that crossing the socio-spatial boundary of a workplace is not a sufficient condition, but that new meditational means created at the instrumental-developmental boundary are needed to expand workplace learning and development in challenging and complex regional contexts.


Kerosuo, H. & Toiviainen, H. Expansive learning across workplace boundaries. International Journal of Educational Research, 50(1), 48-54. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved January 27, 2020 from .

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