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Leadership Enhancement through Mind Management by Meditation--A Scientific Yogic Technique


Journal on School Educational Technology Volume 6, Number 2, ISSN 0973-2217


Good education is the product of good administration and the administration is not simply a managerial occupation. It demands new dimensions of knowledge, techniques and skills. Today administrators are confronting a variety of problems in their respective organizations. The complex environments of the educational institutions require leaders and heads with greater skills in communication, collaboration, and community building. Even though the principals and administrators possess all the required skills to be an effective educational leader, sometimes they struggle to cope up with their job related stress. So they find it difficult to cope up with their stress related burdens and become helpless. To avoid this, mind has to be managed properly whatever the external environment stresses one. To gain mind management meditation is an effective tool. Mind works only within the boundaries of the field of whatever one have previously heard, seen, thought of, or imagined. Maharishi Patanjali says that "you can cross that field by training your mind, and all its faculties, so that you can go beyond". Meditation helps in controlling the mind. By doing regular meditation, it is possible to put a switch on the mind and turn it off when it is not needed. In fact, it teaches how to manage the mind just by witnessing it through neutral energy. With the help of meditation the educational leaders can tackle their job related stress; like the recent one based on fees structure of schools. Meditation is where thoughts get dissolved naturally, enhancing your concentration power, memory power, will power, right thinking, and fitness power, automatically. Meditation is neither a mental exercise nor a practice. It is a direct and natural process beyond mind itself.


Selvi, B.T. & Thangarajathi, S. (2010). Leadership Enhancement through Mind Management by Meditation--A Scientific Yogic Technique. Journal on School Educational Technology, 6(2), 7-13. Retrieved March 7, 2021 from .

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