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Learning Analytics for Supporting Seamless Language Learning Using E-Book with Ubiquitous Learning System

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Journal of Educational Technology & Society Volume 21, Number 2, ISSN 1176-3647 e-ISSN 1176-3647


Seamless learning has been recognized as an effective learning approach across various dimensions including formal and informal learning contexts, individual and social learning, and physical world and cyberspace. With the emergence of seamless learning, the majority of the current research focuses on realizing a seamless learning environment at school or university. However, the utilization of the collected learning logs still remains a challenge yet to be explored. In this study, an e-book with ubiquitous learning system called SCROLL is developed to collect and analyze learning logs in the seamless learning environment. Moreover, this paper presents our analytics in contribution to bridging the learning between e-Book learning and real-life learning. An experiment was conducted to evaluate (1) whether VASCORLL 2.0 (Visualization and Analysis System for Connecting Relationships of Learning Logs) is effective in connecting the words learned through e-Book to those learned from real-life, and (2) which social network centrality is the most effective to enhance learning in the seamless learning environment. Twenty international students participated in the evaluation experiment, and they were able to increase their learning opportunities by using VASCORLL 2.0. Furthermore, the betweenness centrality was found useful in finding central words that bridge e-Book and real-life learning.


Mouri, K., Uosaki, N. & Ogata, H. (2018). Learning Analytics for Supporting Seamless Language Learning Using E-Book with Ubiquitous Learning System. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 21(2), 150-163. Retrieved January 19, 2021 from .

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